How to pick enzymes & supplements?

supplementsNo matter where you look these days there are countless products (enzymes, supplements, pills, etc) that all claim to have a positive benefit on your health. The truth is 99% of these enzymes have never been tested in a scientific environment. There are many enzymes and supplements that do help you live a better life. So how can you tell which one is a good one that will help you.

My first recommendation is to trust a wide variety of reviews. What I mean by that is to extend you research beyond the website or company that is selling that product. Go check out Amazon and other places where that enzyme is being sold and read as many reviews as possible. Generally if people are spending money then they will tell you what they think. There will be plenty of fake reviews but you can tell which is which easily.

Then do some research on possible side effects. Try or Wikipedia to learn about the potential harmful effects of this particular product. I would even head over to Walmart and talk to my local pharmacist. ¬†You wouldn’t believe the knowledge they have on just about everything.

If you get the all clear give your supplement a try. Just make sure that you stop if you have any negative side effects.